Friday, August 31, 2012

How to Convert FLV to MP4

How to Convert FLV to MP4
FLV or Flash Video  is the name of a file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player (formerly known as Macromedia Flash Player) versions 6–10. Until version 9 update 2 of the Flash Player, Flash Video referred to a proprietary file format, having the extension FLV. The most recent public release of Flash Player supports H.264 video and HE-AAC audio. Flash Video content may also be embedded within SWF files. Notable users of the Flash Video format include YouTube, Google Video,, Yahoo! Video, and many television news operations are also using Flash Video on their websites.

Why Convert FLV to MP4

How to Convert FLV to MP4MP4 is short for MPEG-4, the most popular video format on the world, MP4 is be supported by almost all media players and portable MP4 players; FLV is the Flash video files, Flash video become more and more welcome, ton of web video content be published using FLV format, the most famous website is, so if you want to convert, download and share your Flash video, this software "FLV to MP4 Converter" can help you to do all these jobs, at the best, it is one completely free software (it is free for private, non-commercial, single computer use only).

There is always a gap of playing videos on any devices we wish, e.g., we cannot watch flash or other videos on Mp4 players, mobiles or Apple devices.Commonly, there are two ways to convert FLV to MP4:

  • convert FLV to MP4 with FLV to MP4 converter    
  • convert FLV to MP4 with online conversion service

How to FLV to MP4 with FLV to MP4 converters

How to Convert FLV to MP4
FLV to MP4 Converter is absolutely FREE tool for converting .flv video format to .mp4. Simple design and user-friendly interface make this convertor easy to use for every user, advance or beginner.
FLV to MP4 Converter successfully converts all FLV files no matter which of the codecs is used for video compression, Sorenson Spark, VP6 or H.264.

Xilisoft FLV Converter is a simple-to-use FLV video converter to convert .flv to .mp4. Except for converting FLV to MP4, this FLV to MP4 converter also can convert FLV to MPEG, AVI, WMV, DivX, MOV, etc. video formats. With it you can even convert AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4 video to FLV file.

3. Leavo Video Converter
This FLV converter can perfectly convert FLV to MP4, convert FLV to many other more popular video/audio formats. Using the video editing functions it has provided, you can get your flash video cropped, trimmed and logoed during the FLV to MP4 conversion.

How to convert flv to mp4 online:

This MP4 converter lets you easily convert files to the MP4 format. Upload your video file or provide a link to a video file or video website like Youtube or Dailymotion to convert your video online to MPEG4. This high quality MP4 conversion tool is optimized for high quality and is free to use.

2.  Zamzar  
Online and free flv to mp4 converter - this page also contains information on the FLV and MP4 file extensions

3. Grab-Tube 
Totally free service. The only limitation is the file size of 40MB maximum. This is 4 times more than the average YouTube video is. This service allows you to convert FLV (YouTube), AVI (Windows Video), 3GP (cell phones video), MP4 (Mac + Windows) files to any of the following formats:
MP3 (digital audio files), MP4, FLV, 3GP, MPG(MPEG) and AVI.

How to Convert FLV to MP4 on Mac OS X

This Mac Converter offers superb fast conversion speed to save your time and enables you to keep your video quality

       Brothersoft FLV to MP4 converter for Mac is an ideal Mac FLV to MP4 Converter in converting FLV to MP4 Mac. Apart from convert FLV video to MP4 for Mac, this FLV to MP4 converter can also convert FLV to many other video formats as you wish, such as convert FLV to AVI, MP3, M4A, AAC. Simple interface, excellent conversion with speed and accuracy makes Free FLV to MP4 Converter stand out of the crowd.
      How to Convert FLV to MP4 for Android and Apple mobile devices

Is super simple way to convert almost any video to MP4, WebM (vp8), Ogg Theora, or for Android, iPhone, an more. 100% Free and open-source.

2. Free Flv to AVI MP4 3GP WMV MP3 Converter

Free FLV to AVI MP4 3GP WMV MP3 Converter is very unique and powerful application. This application enables you to convert the files you have downloaded from some of the most popular websites or the ones you have in your mobile device into different video formats. 

With this software, you will be able to convert FLV files into MP4 in no time.